NPO法人 日本妊産婦整体協会は、整体の調整や矯正、ストレッチ体操を用い、多くの妊産婦さんが悩む切迫早産に対応できるテクニックを学ぶセミナーや講座を開講しています。より短時間でしっかりと整体のテクニックが学べます。会員向けのフォローアップ指導も行います。

  • カナダ妊産婦整体セミナーのお知らせ


    - This course is taught with Japanese-English translation, and open for Regulated Healthcare Professionals only –

    This is the first seminar in Tokumoto Method held outside Japan.

    Tokumoto Method of Perinatal Chiropractic techniques and visceral manipulation is very unique, easy to apply, and gentle and safe on perinatal bodies. Tokumoto Method can be applied on its own, or used in conjunction with many other perinatal manual therapies. In Japan, many successful cases have been reported showing that the Tokumoto Method has a positive impact on easing abdominal tension that is often experienced during pregnancy, as well as postpartum breast massage outcomes. There is currently a research study being conducted at one of the universities in Japan on the benefits of the Tokumoto Method.

    Schedule and Learning Objectives

    Day 1: Indirect Approach to Lactating Breasts with Tokumoto Method
    1. Anatomy and Physiology of the human breasts and lactation
    2. Lactation related breast troubles and causes
    3. Tokumoto Method and Postpartum Breast Massage in Japan
    4. Tokumoto Method for Lactation Wellness; theory and practical session for Engorgement, Mastitis prevention, blocked ducts, breast and nipple pain etc. (No HVLA and no direct hand contacts to breast tissues will be instructed)
    5. Treatment for tenosynovitis of wrist and neck/shoulder pain related lactation
    6. Technical Demonstration on the lactating person(s) etc.

    Day 2: Introducing Perinatal Pelvic Wellness with Tokumoto Method
    1. Threatened Premature Delivery prevention and breech presentation treatment
    2. Treatment for Perinatal Sciatic, Low Back, and Pelvic Girdle Pain
    3. Stabilizing perinatal pevis as an aid to postpartum recovery
    4. Technical Demonstration on pregnant or pospartum person(s), and more.

    Please note, contents might change without notice

    Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

    Shuuichi Tokumoto, Perinatal Chiropractor (Japan)
    Inventor of Tokumoto Method
    Founder& Director of NPO Perinatal Chiropractic Association
    Clinic Director at Tokumoto Chiropractic Clinic
    Practical instructor at Midwifery Association of Kanagawa Pref. (Japan)

    Should you have any questions about this course, please do not hesitate to contact our organizer
    Akari Yokokawa, R.Ac, RMT, RN (Japan)
    Certified Tokumoto Method Provider
    Certified Lactation Massage therapist
    or private message via facebook

    We are looking forward to meeting you in August!
    日本妊産婦整体協会 カナダ妊産婦整体セミナー